AAmp - Yet another Media Player

Ok, so what would persuade me to start writing yet another Media Player? What's wrong with Microsoft Media Player, or Apple iTunes? Simple -- they are too damn bloated! I don't want something that takes 30 + seconds to load, or eats up more than 25 - 30Mb of RAM - I can't afford that, especially when developing an application (and I'm too tight to upgrade my laptop :)). So AAmp was born. Sort of. It will be released as freeware (eventually), should it get 100% finished. At the minute it supports virtually all audio formats, and has basic playlist functionality. Its really only intended for MP3 playback :) I'll add Library support as well as automatic background indexing, random playback and more as time goes on - but its good enough for me to use now, so it might take some time to finish! aamp.JPG If you want a copy to look at, drop me an e-mail: andy at neillans dot co dot uk

So...I'm blogging.

Ok, I know I've moaned about people blogging, and said it was pointless. Well ... guess what ... I'm following the crowd it would seem, and I'm blogging. No idea what I'll post, but hey, its better than the blank page I had on here before! I suppose I'll be posting things along the following: - Delphi - or any other related coding things I feel like sharing - Beblu / Media Centre - I work for these guys, they make superb Mini ITX case, and a Media Centre :) - General - Any other rubbish ;)