Just how smart is a Google Nest thermostat really? I’ve had one for just over a year now, and yes, it has reduced my oil consumption in this old property considerably, but any learning (or even, moderately decent, non-simplistic switch based) thermostat would have done the same.

I had REALLY hoped for something more from the Google Nest frankly.

The “Learning” approach it has - if you leave it enabled - where it will learn what you like temperature wise, and adjust your heating routine for you, is honestly frustrating for someone like me with control issues 😂. It had me wondering what the heck was going on when it would randomly decide the temperature needed to change and just … did it.

The BEST feature I find is the ability to control it all from your phone. Pretty much ideal for when I’m working away, and needing to kick the heating on while heading back (no more going in to a cold house, bliss). But so many others can do this, such as Tado and such, so it’s not a unique feature.

What is terrible? The inability to boost to a temperature for a set time. You can boost the water for a set time, but NOT the heating. Why? According to Google, because the Thermostat is unable to track the temperature AND a timer at the same time. Erm. Ok. Seems an interesting limitation there. I’d have imagined something along the lines of a temporary schedule.

Would I get one again? Yeah, probably. I’m still in the belief it has saved me money on oil … I still believe the big benefit is knowing more about what the heating is doing (oh god I wish I didn’t with the current prices at the minute however) but also being able to control it all when I’m away to further minimise my costs. But I do wish they added some more features that other, cheaper, more basic, thermostats had.

Apple HomeKit support wouldn’t go amiss either 😉