Cool Skins!

Go here and checkout some neat Media Player 10 skins!

Maybe I should add skinning support to AAmp? What do you think?

Microsoft Anti Spyware

Ok, until today, I trusted Microsoft Anti spyware beta....
That was, until I ran a scan today:
As you can see, its reported a positive hit.
However, if you look on my blog, you will see the hit is a program that I've written (as in, I KNOW the program, I WROTE the program, and as such, I KNOW its safe). Hmm. Positive hit. Wonderful. Ok, so what does it mean that the scan is MISSING?????


God I feel knackered, and with a mother of a headache; thank god for pain killers! I've even brought work home with me this weekend :p Mind you, I still have found time to recompile AAmp and Bugshot!

Project of the month (year???)

Ok, those of you that have known me for some time, know I've been toying with doing this for a REALLY REALLY REALLY long time :) What am I talking about? A robotic mower :) Yes, you read that right. A robotic mower. But not just a 'stick it in the garden and it muddles about' type of afair, but something with REAL brains, and the ability to map gardens, detect obsticales, and REMEMBER the layout etc. Oh, the brain will be a Via ITX board, and I'm planning on doing all the integration using USB interfaces (FTDI 245 probably) to Atmel ATMega AVR Micro controllers :) More to follow!

AAmp update

Ive updated AAmp a little; added bubble hints to the tray icon that shows what is playing, and what is coming next. Thoguht I'd fixed the overrun on pause bug, but don't appear to have now I've got a MASSIVE playlist running :p Must allow saving / loading of playlists...

Fedora Core 4 based Media Centre?

Ok, so I'm messing with Fedora Core 4, with the thoughts of putting it on a beblu unit... Installation went smoothly, no problems what so ever. Post installation config on the other hand isn't simple - the graphics card is only detected as a VESA compatible, not the true S3 Unichrome that it is - so no acceleration etc. Time to get digging :)

Oh ... my

I've been digging through backups today, restoring Microsoft SQL databases after managing to shaft my SQL server. And I found something I'd forgotten about .. When I was learning to program in Delphi, one thing I tried was writing a screensaver - as I was unable to come up with anything graphically interesting, I found a set of 'Matrix' style text - and made a Matrix screensaver :) Download it, and check it out [Download file] 500Kb Uncompressed - drop it into the Windows installation directory, then you can select it as usual in Display Properties -> Screensaver.

AAmp - Yet another Media Player

Ok, so what would persuade me to start writing yet another Media Player? What's wrong with Microsoft Media Player, or Apple iTunes? Simple -- they are too damn bloated! I don't want something that takes 30 + seconds to load, or eats up more than 25 - 30Mb of RAM - I can't afford that, especially when developing an application (and I'm too tight to upgrade my laptop :)). So AAmp was born. Sort of. It will be released as freeware (eventually), should it get 100% finished. At the minute it supports virtually all audio formats, and has basic playlist functionality. Its really only intended for MP3 playback :) I'll add Library support as well as automatic background indexing, random playback and more as time goes on - but its good enough for me to use now, so it might take some time to finish! aamp.JPG If you want a copy to look at, drop me an e-mail: andy at neillans dot co dot uk