Superbikes 2008 - Knockhill

At the weekend I went up to the Scottish bit of the British Superbikes - held at Knockhill.

It was a thoroughly wet day, but that didn't stop a LOT of people turning up - was certainly busy up there. I arrived (on the bike of course) just before 9.

Managed to get a few pics, but the rain prevented me from getting any decent number of them.

PIC_0004 PIC_0005 PIC_0006 PIC_0008 PIC_0015

Not a bike, but check this out ... they were using the Audi R8 as safety cars ... Now, they can keep a shot in the Ferrari, I'd love a shot in one of them!


Oh, and the rescue lot were there with their Sea King doing a display (and fundraising). They landed in the middle of the circuit :)


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Ohhhh yeah. It was very wet. The second race was cancelled for ages before it actually got under way (and was stopped twice) due to the rain. That's why I couldn't get more pics Frown It was hard enough to see let alone photograph Smile

Bloody hell that was wet! ... on first glance I was thinking, wow, Andy is using a stsrange slow shutter speed to capture the ehaust on the bikes, then, NOOOOOOOOO ... those boys are aquaplaning in a serious way!! .... madnesss Smile

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