For the last couple of months, I've been a subscriber of LoveFilm - basically for a few quid a month, they post you a rental or two and you just watch and drop it in the pre-paid envelope to send it back.

I'm on the lowest plan, but its handy - especially if you get caught with a night and have nothing to do!

Anyway, highly recommend - prompt service too.
Why not check it out :)
Go here for more info.


I've been rather busy (what with watching Threshold, Surface and Lost!), so haven't had much to post (or time to watch movies!).

Although I have watched a few:

CSI - Grave Danger
This has to be a must watch for all CSI fans; I missed it when it was aired, so ended up renting it.
Absolutely excellent.

Transporter 2 [IMDB]
Pure action. Nothing more, nothing less.

Crash [IMDB]
I'm watching this one right now ... it plays on your mind and brings up every race stereotype going. Worth watching.

Happy New Year!

At long last, 2006 has started - and I'd just like to say .... Happy New Year!

It must be one of the first times I have actually set myself New Year Resolutions; anyone want to wager if I'll keep em ? :)

I love holiday time; great for watching a few DVD's;

Hostage [IMDB]
A new Bruce Willis film; if you like action films, you will probably like this one - I did :)

SharkTale [IMDB]
The quality of animated features never ceases to amaze me. This one is good, and if you get a chance watch it - although it is primarily aimed at children (does that say something about me? :p), it does have an awful lot that youngsters will not understand!

Movie Critic Weekly

Ok, I've watched a few films over the last, oh, 24 hrs :)

Sahara Now this is a damn good film - if you haven't seen it yet, go and rent it. Now.

Fantastic Four Not bad - reminded me a lot of X-Men :) Speaking of which, anyone heard of the proposed X-Men 3 [IMDB]?? Due to come out in May 06.

The Machinist Ok, this one was a little strange. Worth watching, but I wouldn't bother buying it..

Are we there yet? Another one thats (possibly) worth watching, but don't buy it :)

Got more to watch, but suppose I should get back to work -- the good thing about working on Software is you can work and watch a film (or 4!)

New Section :)

I've thought of something else to ramble about on here :) Movies, Films, TV, you get the idea! Anyway, saw the new Harry Potter over the weekend; not bad at all. I still can't believe that these films have been made for children! Pity the next one is going to be in 2007 :(