The ZZR Rebuild project!

I noticed this morning that the last posting I had on here was back when I fist got my ZZR; that is a while ago now! Since then I even bought a Honda Hornet (good fun), and sold the Hornet. I do, however, still have the ZZR but she has been laid up due to problems with the valve clearances.

Turns out that after doing some shim work on the ZZR, it showed up a problem of extreme coke build up which was preventing them from closing properly – and therefore, no compression. Ho hum. Anyway, cylinder head’s been sorted, and things are slowly getting there – trying to fund it all while starting a business is proving awkward, but thanks to a good friend of mine doing the work it’s a lot easier than it would have been! Kicker at the minute is that while pulling it all apart, we found that the cam chain has stretched and needs replaced. That and a full gasket kit, and the engine should be ready to put back together.

Oh, she was also resprayed to black too!

Here’s some pics to keep you amused for now.


Trial and tribulations of motorbike ownership

I was planning on going out for a ride on the Zed at the weekend (it was a beautiful weekend weather wise!), but I unfortunately discovered a seized back brake.

No bother, I thought, it will just be the slider full of gunk.

So Sunday after was spent stripping, cleaning and stripping some more (the bike that is).  And it still sticks. Must need new seals.

Ah well, got them ordered up.

While I’m at it, had to order:
- New pads
- Spares for scott oiler (the zed has eaten some of it it seems)
- Couple of spare keys
- New chain adjusters (old ones were worn, still worked tho)
- New bar ends (totally f**ked as I found out fitting heated grips)

But I did get the heated grips fitted (and they work perfectly!).

Next task: Clean, clean, clean, and oil.
The reassemble. Hopefully next weekend will be a decent day and I get an a short run on the bike – assuming all the parts arrive and I have time to reassemble …

Bike Tour Holiday

I've just got back from a bike tour holiday arranged through White Rose Motorcycle Tours ( Although the tour was a relatively local one to me (Scotland!) it was absolutely brilliant.  A long weekend in a decent hotel with decent food, with fellow bikers - there were all sorts - some good people, and one particular idiot on an Aprillia. But never mind. In general, a good biking experience was had by all - but I now have a (healthy) distrust of car drivers when it comes to them pulling out of junctions - two of us (me being one!) were almost collected by a Fiesta pulling out on us.

Ahh well, it was worth it!

PIC_0003 PIC_0008

Superbikes 2008 - Knockhill

At the weekend I went up to the Scottish bit of the British Superbikes - held at Knockhill.

It was a thoroughly wet day, but that didn't stop a LOT of people turning up - was certainly busy up there. I arrived (on the bike of course) just before 9.

Managed to get a few pics, but the rain prevented me from getting any decent number of them.

PIC_0004 PIC_0005 PIC_0006 PIC_0008 PIC_0015

Not a bike, but check this out ... they were using the Audi R8 as safety cars ... Now, they can keep a shot in the Ferrari, I'd love a shot in one of them!


Oh, and the rescue lot were there with their Sea King doing a display (and fundraising). They landed in the middle of the circuit :)


Bikes are expensive

This month has been expensive ... not only did I purchase the ZZR beast, but I've:

  • - Bought an OptiMate Charger; and promptly dropped it yesterday morning (killing it) (£50)
  • - Had her tuned up and the front calipers rebuilt (£100)
  • - Bought new tyres (£145)
  • - Had the tyres fitted, bought another charger etc etc (£110)
  • - (Hopefully) Getting Chain and Sprockets, and the lower suspension bearing done at the end of the week (£230)
  • But I've loved every minute :)


The ZZR is soooo much fun it's unreal. Realised that I haven't posted any pictures - so here we go.             And then, I've started stripping her down for a through check over (and an oil change)...




During the process, I found an oil leak - or what appears to be an oil leak. Looks like it's coming from either the Clutch housing or the Pickup Coil housing - both gaskets. Planning on removing these once I have dropped the oil and having a good look inside... Pics of what I'm talking about below - left most is the clutch, and the right most is the pickup coil housing. PIC_0031

Oh 'eck ...

I've bought a bike ... a Silver and Black ZZR 600. And I've just done the insurance with Quinn Direct at a stupidly cheap £237. Now I just need to pick the bike up tomorrow morning :)

Wish List

I can scratch another thing of my wish list now ... passed my full bike test yesterday. Didn't do too badly either - only got 3 minors. Unfortunately a bike is going to have to wait though - to many other things to pay for - but at least I can legally ride now :)

Bike CBT

I sat my motorbike CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) yesterday - basically it consists of having a shot on a 125, learning basic control yada yada. Culminates in a couple of hour ride on the road (oh my god, that was scary to start with!). You are REALLY aware that there is nothing around you ...

The worst bit was when I mucked up an emergency stop and ditched. Messed my knee up, my elbow and shoulder ache, but nothing major - certainly not going to stop me learning for my full test :)

Oh, and I passed.