Sky Q - Initial Order Impressions

I finally bit the bullet and ordered Sky Q today.   If you haven't come across this yet, its essentially the next generation of technology Sky is putting out to customers to supplement the (now ageing) Sky HD boxes. However, it should be noted that Sky are not replacing the Sky HD range, but instead are offering this new package as a "Premium" offering.

Initially logging onto the Sky Q upgrade page, I noticed something that just didn't feel right: A £99 fee marked "Smart Features Fee". Basically this is an installation charge due to the complicated (we shall see) nature and work involved in configuring the Sky Q - either way, as this is on top of the "normal" installation fee, I don't see why this just isn't wrapped up into a single fee. If anything, this would avoid it entirely coming across as a "lets scam the customer for as much money as we can" type deal, which it most certainly does at present.  Bear in mind, the £50 installation fee will be for customers that already (in all probability) have a suitable dish and cabling (so just an LNB swap needed), so its high as it is to start with ...

Something just feels wrong about this approach to packaging an offer and while it didn't make me avoid ordering the new kit, it really did make me pause for thought about it all. Guess it doesn't help that the whole order process took in excess of 30 minutes with the customer agent extolling the virtues ... all I wanted to do was confirm a few things on the fee front and part with money for an upgrade. Sigh.