Microsoft SQL Server 2008-Trouble connecting via network?

When you install SQL Server 2008 – specifically Express editions – many people have trouble working out how to get a network connection established them; they simply don’t understand why their Management Studio client rejects it saying it can not find the instance.

Well, there are two things to check:

1. Firewalls

Make sure the machine that has SQL Server (either full or Express, both have this “habit”!) has the relevant port opened.

2. SQL Server Browser

There is a little service called SQL Server Browser. If this is stopped (default for Express) then you will find that remote connections don't succeed. Start this service, and all sorted.

The only thing to bear in mind, is that by starting this service you are technically advertising the SQL Server installation on your machine; so do NOT start this service if your firewall is going to let the general public on your network connect.


I recently ran out of network storage in my home office, so decided to purchase another NAS. Having previously used the Iomega iStor range, I thought I’d go for a change – and what with LG being such a brand name, I ended up purchasing an LG N2A2.

On the surface, an very nice bit of kit.

Looks good, is damn near silent, seems to use next to no power (power saving mode actually works on it). The initial setup software is pretty good too – if you remember to switch off your firewall (no mention of that in the help …)

But I’ve got a few things I’m not so keen on:

Firmware upgrades, apparently, wipe the machine – not that I’ve tried yet.

The help guide in the web based admin console is rather … strange. Obviously translated – poorly.

Some mid level functionality missing, which I would expect – such as iSCSI and the ability to clear its internal “trashbox” automatically.

No support for domain joining, or NTFS permissions

The unit is obviously based on Linux / FreeBSD, so these omissions to me are rather nuts – all this has been available in core distributions for years, and now works out of the box on many other NAS devices at this level…