Windows Azure: Now with OS Version Control!

I expect many developers have been watching the maturation of the Windows Azure platform through its CTP to the recent release – and they may have wondered how we can control what exactly our applications are running on. I mean, what if Microsoft decide to change the operational behaviour of the operating system that your product is operating on – such as they did when they upgraded the Azure toolset last time.

Well, now they have given us a way to control these updates – at least, all the minor ones – critical ones would still override these settings.

For details, checkout this page on the MSDN site:

Cisco Routers and XBOX 360's

Yeah, ok, probably a strange combination, but I run a Cisco router at home – for security, flexibility and ok, for the general geekiness of it.

Over Christmas I did a fair bit of rewiring for my home network (how difficult is it to find white CAT5e cable these days? Blimey! Thanks Universal Networks :)). But a problem appeared – my XBOX would not automatically get it’s IP address when it powered up. First I thought it was the cable, but after remaking it several times and testing it I ruled that out. Then I threw a bog standard switch in the link and it all worked fine.


A discussion with a friend of mine this morning made the penny drop. The Cisco has spanning tree enabled by default. DOH.

A quick

no spanning-tree vlan 1

And all was well – my XBOX now behaves properly :) Now I can listen to music while I’m having to work from home today.

Ok, after a message from the friend in question, I’ve decided that I have to finally make an edit to this post to actually name (and shame) my on-tap Cisco Geek.  And I introduce you to Mr Hill, also online at Ninja Badger. And yes he is a *REAL* Cisco Geek.