Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM)

Some time ago I blogged about this utility / management app that I had seen demonstration by some Microsoft guys.

Now I’ve actually had a chance to get round to installing it myself – and good god, it was not painless.

The architecture I’m guessing is fairly typical with most small shops – single (big) server running as File Share, Active Directory Domain Controller, Exchange Server, and generally our main point of administration.

We have another server in the office that is a Server Core install of Server 2008 designated to run our Hyper-V (well, some of them) sessions only. The other VM’s will be split across some other servers, but that’s for later :)

Which is why I thought we would go for SCVMM.

First off, installation of the main component ( server ) was started off on the main office server. No problems, we have SQL already installed, next next next.


Setup Crashes.

A quick Google later gives me this link :
A few quick comments in the hosts file and off I go again.

Gets further.


“Virtual Machine Manager Server installation has failed”


Lets see. The details are:

“An error has occurred while trying to configure Virtual Machine Manager. Uninstall Virtual Machine Manager from Add or Remove Programs and then run Setup again.
ID: 257. Details: No mapping between account names and security IDs was done”

At this point, I loose my temper, and restart the setup. And let it install the desired extra copy of SQL Express 2005. As you can imagine, this completes. How annoying. It seems that the setup program was trying to set database path permissions on the database it was created hosted on SQL Server 2008 – something it doesn't need to do.

Cisco Router Administration

While reconfiguring my home Cisco last night, I realised just how poor the management applications that ship with them are. Ok, granted, there is an incredibly powerful CLI on these units, but I really don’t want to have to drop to a CLI and try and remember the commands, adjust the configuration (and pray that I haven’t broken it!) every time I need to make a minor change to ACL’s.

Anyway, I’m toying with the idea of writing a management app for Windows / Linux / Mac. Not something that installs on the route like Cisco SDM (which is awful), but something native, small, simple and quick – but maintaining some of the CLI power.