Moving On!

I now find myself in a situation where I have to move on from the house that I currently rent. So I'm looking for somewhere else. Ideally I'll stay local to the Scottish Borders area, but to be honest, I'm not sure that will be possible - there is very little to rent round here at the minute, and if I head too far East it makes travelling for work a pain - so I might end up in Carlisle!

Anyway, while working out exactly what needs to be sorted, I've come across a handy checklist from these good people:

Now I just need to find somewhere to move TO. Need to be out of this place by the 30th of October. Not long to go!

Postcard from the Isle of Man

Well, I would post a pic, but it's raining. Heavily. And I'll be damned if I'm venturing out in it to get a decent shot of something (unless it's whisky, and the hotel bar is good enough!).

I'm sitting in the Isle of Man, after having a very last minute call out to a client here - last minute as in the call was at 9:30 on Friday saying "We need you out here". First flight I could book was 14:00. And so I'm here. At least I'm flying back on Monday - all being well.

Then it's off to a client meeting on Tuesday, and a LONG drive followed by another one on Wednesday.

Who says that travelling for work is glamorous and enjoyable ?!?

Superbikes 2008 - Knockhill

At the weekend I went up to the Scottish bit of the British Superbikes - held at Knockhill.

It was a thoroughly wet day, but that didn't stop a LOT of people turning up - was certainly busy up there. I arrived (on the bike of course) just before 9.

Managed to get a few pics, but the rain prevented me from getting any decent number of them.

PIC_0004 PIC_0005 PIC_0006 PIC_0008 PIC_0015

Not a bike, but check this out ... they were using the Audi R8 as safety cars ... Now, they can keep a shot in the Ferrari, I'd love a shot in one of them!


Oh, and the rescue lot were there with their Sea King doing a display (and fundraising). They landed in the middle of the circuit :)