Exam 2!

Exam number two done -- 070-526 for my MCTS certification. I passed - just. Much harder than the first one. Kind of expecting the 3rd to be even harder now! But at least I now have my full MCTS Windows Application certification - I just need to get Microsoft to sort out my MCP access now ;)

Bike CBT

I sat my motorbike CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) yesterday - basically it consists of having a shot on a 125, learning basic control yada yada. Culminates in a couple of hour ride on the road (oh my god, that was scary to start with!). You are REALLY aware that there is nothing around you ...

The worst bit was when I mucked up an emergency stop and ditched. Messed my knee up, my elbow and shoulder ache, but nothing major - certainly not going to stop me learning for my full test :)

Oh, and I passed.