Exam Day..

Well, just back from sitting my MCTS exam - 070-536: Microsoft NET Framework - Application Development Foundation ... I passed :) Now onto the next one!

Atmel AVR Studio 4 fuses bug

If anyone out there who, like me, use the Atmel AVR Studio 4.13 to work with JTAG ICE (i.e. using the STK200 or STK500 boards), you will have noticed a problem with fuse bits not being correctly read or set with SP2 of the studio.

Well, thanks to the help of a nice person on the AVR Freaks forum, I now have a fix - a patched stk500.dll. You can get this file by contacting Atmel Support, or if you would like it quicker, drop me an e-mail (warning: no responsibility for what it does accepted etc etc!).

Blue Presence - Freeware

Just uploaded another Freeware utility to the Freeware page (strange that - doesn't seem an obvious place now does it ... :)).

Blue Presence is a small utility that monitors for the presence (or lack of) of a Bluetooth device, and can start / stop processes depending on whether it is, or is not, found.

Note: Requires a Bluetooth adapter that supports the Microsoft Bluetooth stack - a lot do, but best bet is to try it and see.


Seems you can't trust the weather forecast ... after switching between no you will not have snow, yes you will, no you will not ... we have snow.

Not much, but more now forecast for today / tomorrow...

2nd Jan Snow

Project Server 2007

At the minute I'm trying to install Project Server 2007 onto on of my Virtual Windows 2003 server farms ... and it's horrible.

The installation complete what appears to be nice and simply, but you can't access it remotely using a domain name - it keeps redirecting to the machine name.

After some digging you need to use the Alternate Access Mapping config to get it to know about the external name.

Ok ... where's the docs ... and why cant they just ask for things like this during config / install??