WordPress hacking..

Some little son-of-a-b... has obviously decided it would be funny to hack wordpress blogs.

Thanks to a guy from work (thanks Joe!), I found out a couple of posts on my blog had been compromised, and had iframes inserted - redirecting to a server which served up some trojans ...

Anyway, all cleaned up now - if anyone sees anything abnormal, PLEASE email me ...

Flash memory based system drives

It seems to have taken a LONG time to arrive, but people are starting to throw serious development at embedding flash memory into computers - but this time for long term storage - in conjunction with and / or replacing standard hard drives.

For example: http://www.fusionio.com/

Now that would be nice... expensive, but nice.

Another few years and things should be faster. We can all hope can't we. Don't know about you, but I wouldn't miss the delay booting Windows!


Well, I was playing about with the Apple iPhone in the local O2 shop today, and I must say.... I'm not that impressed. The hype meant I was expecting it to be absolutely mind blowing. Yeah, sure, the graphics and general usability are absolutely amazing, but it still has a few things that I don't like - such as the most annoying fade type delay when switching between modes - I expect this can be switched off, but still. I suppose it's an Apple trick - really cute UI ... Would I have one? After experimenting with one for a bit I most certainly would not part with the sort of money they are after - and never in my life would I part with the monthly subscription fee they want. But then again, I'm fairly happy with my Fujitsu T830 - even though Fujitsu are stopping making them.

Fan Death

I've never understood why cooling fans on most PC kit pack up after a year. It's one of the most common failures, and yet no-one seems to realise that it appears to be the way the industry is geared - to make more money by forcing people to upgrade often!

I have a NVidia 7300 GT graphics card that is now about 14 months old. I have no complaints about it- but the fan died.

Anyway, quick call later I'd asked our resident techi at work to get me a replacement - which I picked up when I was in the office yesterday .. and fitted today.

Wow - I think he kind of went overboard :) At least there are no moving parts ;)