Fuel Costs

I've just noticed an old posting from Feb 06 on my blog regarding fuel prices ... I was moaning about the difference between 06 and 02 prices ... unfortunately, I didn't seem to have the presence of mind to note the current prices - although I've just paid £1.05 a liter! When will this madness end?


For the last couple of months, I've been a subscriber of LoveFilm - basically for a few quid a month, they post you a rental or two and you just watch and drop it in the pre-paid envelope to send it back.

I'm on the lowest plan, but its handy - especially if you get caught with a night and have nothing to do!

Anyway, highly recommend - prompt service too.
Why not check it out :)
Go here for more info.


Well, I've finally got my act together and posted the PayPal Donation button image (see on the right, at the bottom.... found it?). Why? Simple - people have been asking me how they can support the development of some of my freeware apps - such as VMWare Console Manager - the answer is also exceedingly simple - Donate.

Any and all donations welcome :)

Courtesy Car

My Caliber was in at the garage on Friday getting new discs fitted... This time I opted for a courtesy car, as I had a few things to do (like visit the girlfriend for lunch!).

Anyway, being a Merc garage, I was kind of hoping I'd get a Merc (probably a lower end one) to potter about in for the day. My god, was I mistaken. I got a Merc alright. An E280.

3l Turbo Diesel, Automatic, brand new (57 plate). With 11 miles on the clock (had a LOT more by the time I had finished!).

The daft thing is, I prefer my Caliber. It's got more of a raw feel to it, and I don't feel sick with the thought of putting concrete slabs in the boot (I wouldn't dare put slabs in a Merc - not a £38k one anyway!).

An I feel the automatic box lets them down - even driving it in manual using the tiptronic system, it still didn't have any immediate get up and go.

BT / Yahoo mail handling sucks

For some strange reason, all mail processed by my mail server is automatically dumped in BT and Yahoo account spam folders ... now, this happened before I moved the server to UK and I had to get Yahoo to whitelist the server (seems they need this for every internet bound server).

Now, I filled in the form and sent it off, and guess what. They replied with a basic response - get stuffed really. I queried it .. and got another bullshit response:

Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Mail.
Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with specific information other
than to suggest a review of the questionnaire we supplied and try to
determine where your mailing practices may be improved upon.
In addition, you may refer to the Help page below, which offers
information on some of our recommended best practices for bulk mailers:
Please let us know if you still need assistance so we may assist you
Your patience during this process is greatly appreciated.
Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Mail.

I give up. People will just have to check their spam folder in the future.