"Thieves swipe biker's prosthetic hand"

Damn, this article made me smile when I read it today.


Specifically: "He explained: "It was the first time I had left my hand on the bike. I thought I was only going to be 10 minutes, but I ended up staying for two hours."
Now, I wonder what would distract you from a quick 10 minute "hi how you doing" stop, to something that would take a couple of hours. And would make you forget your hand.


Still, you have to feel for the guy - damn expensive hand!


Well, I managed to get my first real holiday in this last week ... the first in over 3 years! I decided that it was time my girlfriend and I got away from the daily hassles, and spent a few days together in relative comfort. As she hadn't really spent much time in the South, likes architecture and walking, I thought Oxford would be a good choice :) Turns out it was ;)

We arrived at the hotel earlyish Thursday afternoon (booked in at the Cotswald Lodge Hotel - very good by the way), and had an initial wander around to orient ourselves with the area (i.e work out how long it takes to get into the City center!). Only 10 minutes walk thankfully...

Anyway, the second day we went site-seeing - and took a fair few photos! Here are a rough assortment:

From St. Mary's Steeple (I think ...): you get an amazing view from here!
100_0032 100_0037

We also visited the Botanic Gardens - it's great to see that many damn near extinct species of flora are being kept going in these places:
  100_0015 100_0010






There is some stunning architecture throughout Oxford too.
100_0020 100_0029

Unfortunately, the many Universities were closed when we went there -- thanks for something being filmed ... (evidence of a large number of camera men, etc, and the odd Chrysler 300C with "actor transport" stickers on the windows kind of gave it away!). I'd have said it could be another episode of "Morse", but as they killed him off it's not likely - could have been "Lewis" tho I suppose. Or the many other things based in Oxford.

I've got loads more to post, photos (general ramblings etc), but I'll save that for another day - soon. :)

One thing that I will say, if anyone visits Oxford, you MUST visit Gee's Restaurant on Banbury Road. It's EXCELLENT.

Tag Lines

I saw this tag line on an e-mail today :)

"As I slowly sip my coffee I feel my humanity start to slip back into me and realize what a foul beast humanity really is."

Unfortunately, it does seem to be true :(