Oh .. damn ..

I've just found a couple of gray hairs. I'm 25 ... and I have started getting gray hairs. Not good.

OSX No Longer Safer?

It seems that the malware developers are getting there. Slowly.

More and more it seems that they are starting to target the Apple OS, OS X.

Does this mean that OS X is going to start being targeted like Windows? Probably. Wouldn't be a bad thing either.


Granted, this is only a proof of concept - so far.

Gym .. Day 3

I'm still going ... and it still hurts. Actually, today was the most difficult going :(

Nokia Unlocking..

I've ordered myself a JAF box so that I can unlock a few Nokia phones ... so, if anyone wants a Nokia unlocked, drop me an e-mail - I'll unlock any phones that I can for £5 + Postage :)  Note, this is hardware unlock, and as such, can NOT be done remotely.


I phoned up the insurance company this evening to add my mum onto my policy (fully comp - she was already covered for 3rd party) ..

Guess how much ...


For a year.

Now that is just NOT fair.

OpenMoko Launched

The OpenMoko based opensource mobile phone has now launched, and is available to Developers to experiment with.


I am terribly tempted, but at this point in time am managing to prevent myself from offering up my credit card details. :)

Gym .. Day 1

Today was my induction at the local gym. An hour and a half being poked, prodded, measured and shown around the place.

Well, I *knew* that I wasn't exactly fit, but I'm not overweight etc. Having it put into black and white has made me even more determined that I'm going to start doing regular exercise!

BT Broadband woes

Today I had a look at a friends Internet connection that was not playing ball.  It was a BT Broadband connection, via a Voyager Voice Router. Everything looked good, but the connection was appallingly slow - as in less than 120 *bytes* a second. Yes, bytes. It was quiet a surprise.

Ping tests and traces all came back relatively normal - no latency issues. The router indicated a sync rate of full 8Mbps, with no major problems.

Attenuation, SNR etc were all REALLY good - the exchange is around 200 meters away - literally on the other side of the road.

But still the connection sucked. I suggested that they contacted BT, but knowing what their helpdesk is like, I wish them luck ... would be interesting to see what the problem is...

Generics and Array - Lists in C#

Just read an interesting article in the August 2007 MSDN Mag; to be specific, its the regular CLR Inside Out feature.

They go into the differences of .NET 1 Array Lists and .NET 2 Generics - and that in 99.9% of cases (ok, I'm paraphrasing here!), you should use generics wherever humanly possible in .NET 2 due to the performance benefits.

Well, there you go - that's it from the horses mouth so to speak!