Omnipass, Vista and the Lenovo N100

As it doesn't appear that IBM are going to release Omnipass for Vista with all the driver releases, I gave up and e-mailed Softex Inc direct; and upgraded to the latest version for $30 :)

If there are any N100 owners running Vista who want Omnipass, just drop [email protected] an e-mail and they will sort you out.

TomTom and Bluetooth DUN

Well, for the past few weeks I have been trying to work out how to get my TomTom ONE (v2) to talk to my Pocket Loox T830 - unsuccessfully.

Today I think I may have found out why; it seems Windows Mobile 5 AKU3 does not include a full Bluetooth DUN service - which the TomTom requires. Instead, they have added PAN (Personal Adhoc Network).

Bugger. I hope the guys at TomTom can get support for PAN connections soon ... Until then, I will have to resort to using the Traffic updates via my Nokia E61, which does work :(

Server away!

Well, the beast of a server was collected today, and is now en-route to UK Solutions. Should be with them my midday :)

Google Personalised Homepage - Themes

Google recently released an update to Personalised Homepages - however, only on the US servers it seems.

You can now set a theme :) Not a bad addition, certainly has the possibility of brightening up an otherwise dull page, however, would be even better if it was more customisable - and available on the UK servers.

For those that are interested, login to your personalised homepage, then visit - a new option will appear on the right hand side (Select theme).


Well, it was bound to happen.

Just after purchasing a Dodge Caliber, I've just seen one in the local town, Galashiels. Oh well.

My new ride!

Well, I've done it - taken the plunge and bought a Caliber...

Just got to wait until I can go pick it up now; sounds like it will be next weekend :(

Cars, Cars and Cars

I've been having a look at replacing my aging Almera recently; it's getting on a little and as my 25th is approaching I thought I'd swap it for something a little bit more speedy.

This weekend I've been out poking and prodding various cars, and have actually ended up coming back to something that looks nothing like a car - its the Dodge Caliber.

I does help that I can actually insure it (even after my claim on contents theft last year).

Logitech - Continued!

I noticed last night that Logitech had released a new version of SetPoint; after my previous encounter (along with the settings that Logitech thought everyone wanted!), I was itching to give them a shot and see if the bug that I reported previously had been fixed.

So, I download v3.30. Yes, that's two released on since my previous test - v.3.10.

And, lo and behold, the bug is STILL present. Great.

Quick test that was; I've uninstalled it again. I can not believe that such a large company can not expend at least some resources into fixing some small annoying bugs with their products. But then again, maybe that's a sign of their size...

New Server

Well, the new server is assembled, and undergoing testing.

Once it passes, will ship it down to UK Solutions to install it and fire it up :) Then the fun of moving the current Virtual Machines starts ;)

For now, some pics - now, please don't moan about the wiring, this was before I started tidying it up!

Front of the Machine

LOTS of cooling! Note the passive heatsinks on the Xeon's.

Pucca server board, which ensures that everything is correctly in the airflow. Lots of spare RAM banks too :)

I would just like to say thanks to my employer, Blueberry Consultants, for assisting with hardware selection (our sysadmins have WAY too much experience at building rackmount servers specifically for running VM based platforms!).

Plug Warning: If you want a REALLY good screen recording app, that includes Flash, WMV and AVI export, checkout BB Flashback :)