New Server & Delivery Games

For the past few weeks I've been deciding upon the final hardware configuration of my replacement Webserver.

In the end, I've gone for the following kick ass configuration:
2 x Intel Quad Core E5310 CPU's
2 x 2Gb FB-DIMM RAM (board has 6 slots, so plenty of expansion!)
3 x 250Gb Western Digital 16Mb Cache Hard Drives
Intel S5000PSL Motherboard
All in a lovely 19" Rackmount Case (Cenbro RM217, with hotswap drives!).

Anyway, orders went in last week (7th and 8th) and I opted for the bulk of the parts to be delivered on Wednesday when I knew I was in (it was either that or Tuesday - but I knew that I was going to be out Tuesday). Wednesday came, nothing. Checked with supplier (Scan in this case) and found out some parts were out of stock - Curious that, everything was in stock when I ordered - so it appears they do not hold stock, although they are more than happy to take your money.
Anyway, phone them up about mid day on Wednesday, change the item that was no longer in stock and get promised for a next day delivery (Thursday). Take another day off, and still nothing. Getting a bit peeved now, as you can imagine! Another call later, an apology later, and a promised delivery for next day. Yet another day off. Yet again, NOTHING. Arghhhhh. Final call (I hope!), get it pushed to a Saturday delivery, and I'm thinking "great, that's it sorted".

Unfortunately not. Went onto the City Link site and noticed that they have the package (at last, it shipped!!!!), but they do not deliver to my area on Saturdays :(. Tad annoying, I'm not exactly in the sticks, and DHL etc all deliver here. The most frustrating thing is that they will not even release the package so I can't go and collect it from the depot.

God, I really dislike Internet shopping some times.

(And don't get me started on Insight UK about the CPU's & motherboard ...)

More Smartphones! Nokia E61

Well, I seem to be inundated with Smart Phone devices now. This time, in addition to my Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox T830 (which runs Windows Mobile 2005), I now have a Nokia E61 which runs the Symbian Series 60 OS.

Not a bad little device all told, in fact, if I hadn't already met the T830 I think the E61 would be my Smart Phone of choice.

Very slim and lightweight.
No hassle operation - turn on and go.
Supports Exchange mail :)
Large, crystal clear screen.
Wifi support.

Symbian Series 60 OS; I'd have to buy more tools to develop for it.
Lack of a mini USB connection for sync and charging; instead you have a VERY chunky cable.
Wifi could be easier to configure.

Oh, and I've grown to like the fact the T830 changes the backlight depending on the mode its in (when in Phone mode, the keys for numbers are lit blue, while the others are lit white).

Now I have to decide whether I keep this phone (came on a T-Mobile contract), or e-bay it ....