Car Update

Good news :) Got a new stereo, windscreen replaced and I'm mobile again :) Still got to get the interior repairs done they ... they haven't called me back about that ...


Well, in this morning's mail I've got a message from the insurance company saying they have asked a company called "Toad" to replace my stolen stereo equipment from the car. Good news! Now all I need to do is wait until they call me - hopefully it will not be another 3 weeks...


I'm starting to think I'm jinxed when it comes to cars. Just gone out to the car, that is sitting on my drive ... to find a bloody big crack in the windscreen. Balls. Oh well, at least they come out to fix that :) Next Tuesday!

Car: Continued

Well, I now have the car back. I actually got the car back on Monday, but thought I'd wait until now to see if the insurance company were going to be nice and pro-active regarding the outstanding niggles. Are they hell. So far I've emailed once and called three times. Every time I get a promise of a return call that day, and every day so far nothing has appeared. I'm getting a tad fed up (not much has changed has it?). You are probably wondering what niggles could be left. On the surface the repairs did a grand job - the body work is perfect, excellent paint match etc. However, during the process of replacing the door, it seems they had a few problems. They have managed to break the door handle (as well as incorrectly fit it in the first place), and the console that holds the electric window controls on the arm rest. Oh, and there is most certainly something loose inside the door (that they replaced). To cap it off, there was still a shit load of broken glass in the car - and on the seat. Lovely. Oh, and I still haven't got a replacement stereo.

Royal Mail - SmartStamp and Print your own Postage.

I've been using the new Royal Mail "Print your own Postage" system today - basically SmartStamp for the masses (all online). SmartStamp is a nice idea, complete with an address book (or so I'm told), but it does still have it's flaws; simply google around and you will see what I mean. People complaining about poor label placement, crashes, long updates and such. To be honest, I can't say I blame them either - RoyalMail even sucker you for a monthly fee. And to cap it off, you do not get the discount on the postage used like you do if you use a traditional franking machine - annoying considering they have lower overheads! What I would really like to see is a SmartStamp SDK - I would love to get my hands on that and write a much better application (and embed electronic postage generation into other applications). Would help Royal Mail increase their profits I'm sure (they must already have the management back end in place to manage the SmartStamp installations, so all they would need to do is subclass the core into an ActiveX object or such ...)

Back to Work!

Well, I'm back from my week working at a customers site in Jersey; and I'm knackered. I think it's just the three flights and three long drives in a couple of weeks that did it - don't think I recovered from one before I set off on the other. But, at least I'm back - and have started recovering (well sleeping!).  Back to work tomorrow though... Heard from the insurance company though - car should be ready end of the week :) At least they have decided not to write it off!