I have a (fairly large) APC UPS under my desk - usually you'd stick your computer under there, but as I have three (two of which are on top of each other) they don't fit - so the UPS is there instead. Over the last few days I've noticed that if I prop my feet up on the UPS I get a really odd tingling sensation - especially when the AVR protection kicks in. Magnetic field? Leakage? Or just my imagination? On another matter, anyone who uses the computer for anything important who doesn't have an UPS is asking for trouble - especially when you can pick them up for less than £50 these days.

Microsoft Release IE 7 Beta 2

Beta 2 of Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 is available for download (at last). Raft of bug fixes, and (about time!) x64 specific builds. [Click me] Edit: They still have that fairly crap installer though. Pity. And WTF, it downloads Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 updates DURING the install?? Isn't the 23.3Mb file big enough then?

Release that Abandonware

I came across a petition this afternoon to try and get some of the larger publishers to release (either as binaries, or full source) copies of their 'Abandonware' - that is, games that have been written, released, pretty much flogged to death and then just ditched. This strikes a chord with me, as a number of titles on the list (Syndicate / Syndicate Wars in particular) that I'd love to be able to play on modern machines. Head over and sign it now :)  [Click]

Search Terms

While poking through the webstats for my blog, I happened across an interesting search term that has been used: "speedtouch noisy".  Now this to me is interesting - in what way was a SpeedTouch device noisy?? Of course, I'm assuming its of the SpeedTouch ADSL type brand... :)


The other day (about a week or so ago) I awoke early feeling pretty depressed. It took me a few hours to actually realise *why* I felt so down. Over the last few years, I've been battling to find a decent job (after moving to Scotland!), pay off my accumulated debts and generally get myself on a decent footing - and that was really the sole focus of my attention. Recently I secured what appears to be my ideal job - working for a company in Leamington Spa, managing software developers. The pay is good too - and for the first time in ages, I'm actually starting to pay off some of the money I owe. And this is when the realisation hit me. I have pretty much nothing in my life, except for work and debt - and my 24th is rapidly approaching (less than a month now). I don't really have anything to show for the debt either! I realised I was decidedly lonely. I have friends, and when not working, we go out and (occasionally) get hammered. But this is not what I mean. Last year, and the start of this one, were bad for me and relationships. Mind you, saying that I've never been that good at staying in a relationship for long - I always seem to screw something up along the way. My second to last girlfriend is sticking in my mind though - I can't seem to shake memories of her - even though things ended exceptionally badly with her. To cap it all off, she was the only one in my chequered history that I actually felt truly comfortable with. The question really here is - what should I do? Do I contact her again? Do I bang my head off the brick wall, crack on with more work and drink more (and eventually get the time to go out and get royally hammered) - generally move on? Or what? Advise on a postcard please ...

Yet more software screw ups

This time linked to Airport Security. CNN has an article on its site (here) that mentions a problem with the X-Ray screening software - apparently they occasionally test the users by overlaying an image of something suspicious, shortly followed by a note saying that it was a test. It appears it 'forgot' to do this recently, causing the airport to be evacuated and searched. Hmm. Another QC / QA screwup? Or just a fluke?