Broadband; am I a heavy user?

Some people say that I'm a heavy broadband user. I say, I work from home, what do you expect. Make your own mind up: Graph of the aggregate data from my new router, over the last 18 / 19 hours or so. SpeedTouch usage - 30 March 06 [Click image for large version] 600Mb download, just under 250Mb upload. Is that bad?

SpeedTouch 580 ADSL Router

After my last ADSL router decided it was time to go to the electronic graveyard, I thought I might as well get something a little neater - at least, something that would let me retire the Belkin wireless adapter as well! So, I got my hands on a SpeedTouch 580. VERY nice. Easy to setup, and after flashing it with the latest firmware, a very smart looking web based administration. And best of all? Console level access for all those really advanced tweaks - like an iptables style firewall :) I've just managed to persuade the SNMP to work (can you believe it, the firewall was blocking it!), and now for the trudge through all these OIDs.... Save me... All I want to do is remotely monitor my bandwidth usage!


Now this is definitely a question of 'What would you do'? First off, read this: It's about a US City Manager who jumped the gun a little, and started blaiming the CentOS group of hacking his website. Not only that, but he obviously can not read e-mails *or* the error page that their server was giving him. The question that still stands in my mind is - how did this guy, who supposedly knows a bit about computers, suddenly think that it was a good idea to e-mail the people he supposed for hacking his site???

Subversion, and Client tools

I've usually accessed work and home SVN repositories via TortoiseSVN, however, over the last few days I've been using AnkhSVN - the neat advantage with this one is that it integrates into Visual Studio .NET (tested well on 2005), and gives you immediate feedback on what files are locked, changed, out of date etc - and best of all, you can update your working copy without any hassle. One step closer to ensuring the repository is current do you think? [Link to AnkhSVN]

.Net Security - not bad!

I've just discovered something quite neat in the security model for .Net (well, .Net 2 - haven't tested .Net 1 or 1.1). Last night, I discovered my desktop clock was going WAY out of sync, so I thought I'd migrate my Delphi written NTP client to C#. All was well. This morning I copied it onto my file server, and started it. And received the following.

.NET Security Warning

Yes, I know, I'm a geek. But thats cool! It detects, and blocks, internet access on EXE's ran from a remote (untrusted) source.

Noisy Neighbours

Do you know what I hate about living near other people? The constant noise. It always seems to me that people around me do not afford the same consideration that (at least, I hope!) I do - specifically when it comes to noise - be it dogs barking, or having that damn hifi (or television come to that) turned up so loud you can hear it TWO HOUSES ALONG. Now, don't get me wrong, I like having music fairly loud at times, but not at ten to bloody twelve at night!!!! Normally it wouldn't bother me too much, but I fear that working from home is turning me a little bit mad :)   *sigh* Even having a polite word with them didn't seem to make any difference. It's a pity that I have to live next door to them; at least our other neighbours don't have to deal with it being THAT loud.

Google Writley Follow up article on el Reg

The Register have posted a followup article on the Writley buyout by Google. What disturbes me is this paragraph

And last week a note mistakenly gone public made Google's intentions clear - "Store 100% of User Data ... With infinite storage, we can house all user files, including: emails, web history, pictures, bookmarks, etc and make it accessible from anywhere (any device, any platform, etc)".  

[Link to article]  

My next PC? :)

I think I'd like to give this board a new SuperMicro board a shot ...  Quad AMD Opteron... Now *that* is going to be fast! Up to 64Gb or RAM.. I think it would clear up the odd delay I get on my current setup :) [Link to SuperMicro]