Reflections: New Year

On my (old) blog, a friend of mine made a comment (which appears to have been lost in the switchover) which has actually struck a chord with me now that there is less the 48hrs left of this year.

Thats the great thing about New Years ... its the start of a NEW YEAR!

New year, new starts, new goals, new beginnings. Besides, if we didn't ever loose anything - how would we know what we didnt' want to loose?...or want....or need....okay okay - this is getting two deep now!

I've had one of those days where you can't be bothered to do much, browse the net, answer a few e-mails and that's about it - so I've had time to reflect on the year that has almost run out on us. And it was then that the 'comment' floated back into my head - and it clicked how true it really is.
You never know what things are important to you, be it work related, a relationship, or hell, even something material, until you loose it - and suddenly you are left with a gap. Mind you, something always comes along to fill it ;) Ahh, the joys of a new beginnings, new year's, new relationships etc are some of the best feelings in the world; although you will not beat the feeling of something established and stable.

And yes, I'm rambling.


You learn a new acronym every day it would seem. I've heard the term AJAX mentioned a lot over the last few months, but never really bothered to look into it; now that I have, I'm pleased to see its a term that has been coined for a technique I've been using for ages - at least there is nothing new to learn :) [More info]

A good use for duct tape :)

I've never even heard of these, until I got one for Christmas - its a Duct tape wallet. [Link] Yes, a wallet made of Duct tape. Duct tape. Tad different. Hmm. Lets see if its more hard wearing than my old one (that is pretty much totally knackered).

It's Christmas time, mistletoe and wine.. (etc)

The time of joy has arrived - Christmas lunch as been eaten (long time ago!), the chocolates are disappearing (rather rapidly, its disturbing how quick!), and maybe it's time to crack open another bottle or two. Anyway, just to say - Happy Christmas all!! Oh, and if anyone watched the new 'Doctor Who', what did you think - personally, I thought it was absolute cheese! The last lot was bad at times, but good god!

24hrs of Microsoft Internet Explorer 7

I have been lucky enough to have had a sneak peak of IE7. And so far, I have to say I'm not that impressed. Now, it should be noted this is a beta build, and is not fully indicitive of the final release :) First, a screenie! ie7_ss1.JPG

Lets see.. whats new and notable.

Integrated Search Straight from Mozilla Firefox, it would seem, we have a customisable search (top right). Handy. About time. And no stupid plugins needed.

Improved Popup Blocker Again, it would seem, from Firefox we are pleased to see a much improved popup blocker. The addition of the popup blocker in Internet Explorer 6 was a good start, but not good enough - this has now been resolved :)

Multi Tabbed Browsing The more I look at this program, the more like Firefox it seems! The biggest dislike I have here is the fact that Microsoft have decided to put the toolbar, file menus etc on each tab. Why??? These are not tab specific functions!

Phising Filter A nice addition - but I've yet to see it in action (why do people have problems identify phising attempts??).

Feed Discovery Another neat feature - but I doubt it will be worth much until Vista hits the desktops - but why not just use Google Personalized Homepage?? (Go search my blog :)).

New Tools! - Delete Browsing History - Manage Add-Ins These do exactly what they say they do :)

Minor stuff My favourite change of everything so far is the multicolumn favourites menu :) At last, no more scrolling.

Movie Critic Weekly

Ok, I've watched a few films over the last, oh, 24 hrs :)

Sahara Now this is a damn good film - if you haven't seen it yet, go and rent it. Now.

Fantastic Four Not bad - reminded me a lot of X-Men :) Speaking of which, anyone heard of the proposed X-Men 3 [IMDB]?? Due to come out in May 06.

The Machinist Ok, this one was a little strange. Worth watching, but I wouldn't bother buying it..

Are we there yet? Another one thats (possibly) worth watching, but don't buy it :)

Got more to watch, but suppose I should get back to work -- the good thing about working on Software is you can work and watch a film (or 4!)

The most annoying thing about shopping?

Found a diamond buy today. iRiver H10 5Gb with a colour screen. For 99 quid. Unfortunately, it was out of stock according to the shop. Oh, but they were expecting more in on Wednesday (when the price goes back up to the usual price of 199). Can I reserve one - sure. Then I find out that their system will not let her - but I can order it online. Off I trundle, and fire up the net, and go and check. Guess what. 'Out of stock' - Available Wednesday. Can I reserve one at this special price? Nope. Actually, can I reserve one full stop. Nope. Ok, lets check their other stores. Large company blah blah, you would think they would have some somewhere considering the deal has only been on for a few days. Nope. I checked 19 stores. Not a thing. So - my gripe for the day? Why do shops push 'special offers' when: - They no longer have the goods (haven't they heard of taking a poster down???) - They have such a limited supply, yet they run a WEEK long special - surely they must know that they would sell out fast? The daft thing is, the more I think about it, the less I need a 5Gb MP3 player - my laptop is usually with me, and I've got around 180Gb of MP3's..

What the hell do people think about?!?

Ok, it's December, heading up to Christmas - and what do people do? Slap up bloody awful outside flashing lights, animated reindeer, 'jolly' Santa's, and more. And not only that, they leave the damn things on for HOURS. Now, I'm not moaning - much. But it gets a little insane when you come up to roundabout, and you see the house nearest lit up BRIGHTER than the frigging street lights (let alone the car head lights).