Well, I couldn't be bothered to look for my Orange box that had the warranty paperwork in. So ... I cracked it open. Turns out there is a small resister that lurks (actually there are four) on the USB connection. Appears two current limit on the charging side; and that's were I found a problem - one was toast! A quick test of its companion, I was rather amused to find we have similar ones at work :) Even better, I managed to wedge a replacement in - I'm starting to be glad that I've got the 738 unit now!! Anyway, mobiles back. I hope.

Just when you thought it was safe

Well, for the last year or so, I've been charging my mobile via USB from my laptop virtually every other day. Simple reason for that is, I can't be arsed to plug it into the wall at home to charge - anyway, whats the point of having a mobile if it can't be mobile?? Well, today I duely pulled out my USB cable, connected it all up and through nothing of it. Until later (much later) I went to send a text and noticed that the screen was blank... that and it wouldn't even power on. Ok. Thats odd. I sent a message literally seconds before plugging it in, so it WAS working. Fried by usb? Who knows. Fried by Windows? Certainly hope not, the phone runs Windows too (it wouldn't if I could find a good way to hack Linux onto it). Question time: Do I dig out the warranty and send it away, or pull it apart and see whats toast? Answers on a postcard, or on this blog please :) Edit: For those that know me, pretty obvious here. DONT RING MY MOBILE - I WILL NOT GET THE MESSAGE, GOT IT ???? Will post again when I've replaced / fixed it!

Matrix ScreenSaver - with Installer

After posting my old Matrix ScreenSaver, I've had a handful of people e-mail saying they are having trouble getting it to install. So .... here. Use this. Its the screensaver neatly wrapped up in an installer! [Download] 1.5Mb

New Section :)

I've thought of something else to ramble about on here :) Movies, Films, TV, you get the idea! Anyway, saw the new Harry Potter over the weekend; not bad at all. I still can't believe that these films have been made for children! Pity the next one is going to be in 2007 :(

Google - Personalized Homepage

For the past week or so, I've been experimenting with the new Google Personalised Homepage (oh, sorry, switching to the CORRECT UK spelling there :)). I first started off thinking, well whats the point. But now, I kind of find it useful. The idea that you can save your bookmarks on their server, and then access them from any machine is a nice touch - however, what about the privacy issues that Google seem to carefully avoid (remember the fiasco that emerged when they launched GMail and told people about the targeted side advertising?). My favorite touch: being able to bring your own RSS feeds onto the page - now I can almost do away with my RSS app! That is, until I find time to go back to working on my e-mail client. You never know, I might finish it one day... when hell freezes over.

Sentimental? Me? Who you kidding :)

This time of year always makes me sentimental. Doesn't help that I spent the drive home listening to a selection of moody songs. What do I get sentimental about? Bit of everything - but mainly, it seems, I start thinking about those that I'm loosing / have lost contact with over the years, wondering what they are doing these days and the like. I even start thinking about ex's, and have to start resisting the urge to give some of them a call to catch up with - probably not a good idea though. Roll on New Year. Please. At least then I might be able to start paying off some of the credit cards!!

Aoyue 738 - Update

Now, I have to hand it to ARI Electronics Co Ltd... [Website]

Now all I need is a replacement iron...

I've received a FedEx tracking number for my replacement iron today -- now THAT is what I call service -- some UK companies should really stand up and take note.

Electronics and Transit Damage

Well, I have just experience probably my most frustrating instance of transit damage on a peice of electronics that I've purchased. I bought an Aoyue 738 SMD Rework Station from China. Excellent Price, shipped on a well known courier (and one I'd usually recommend) - DHL. It arrived Wednesday / Thursday, and looked ok. Unwrapped the DHL 'bag' from the box, to find the box a little crushed. With a little concern I open it up and was fairly amazed to only find the soldering iron itself broken. Fair enough if it had ended there. After taking the main unit into work, and testing there, I found it was virtually unusable. Now for the good part :) The Aoyue reseller in question has taken their time to spend the last two days working with me via Instant Messenger to repair the iron myself - in order to save myself the shipping costs returning it and the delay in getting the unit back. Know what was causing the problems? Broken standoffs and a loose nut! ALL caused by transit damage. Maybe I will stick with recommending Amtrak. Now all I need is a replacement iron...


Can safely say that Winter is here now I think. Damn cold. Car was covered in a lovely layer of ice. Suppose I should invest in some deicer, while Halfords still has it in stock! Lovely patch of ice right outside the workshop door at work; almost went over. Almost. :) Time to find something to keep me entertained through the long boring winter nights :) Maybe a beblu :) (Hear that James - I'm offering ot test the next version free!!)