Hey there! So ... you've found my blog eh ...

I used to have a blog, what feel's like a lifetime ago now, and posted a number of different technical topics as and when I encountered interesting things in my time as an IT individual, but due to a number of factors (including massively limited time) it died a death. But I'm going to try and start things off again. I can't guarantee that there will be regular things posted, nor that they will even be sensible at times, but I will try ;)

I an 80's guy, working in IT running my own Digital Consultancy providing services around DevOps, Azure and AWS to Small and Medium Enterprises generally. Occasionally I fill in time with Contracts to larger Financial Services, Government and other firms (and get frustrated with IR35 here in the UK).

Hobbies include motorcycles (give me a Triumph any day), silly cars (hello classic Subaru's), technology (duh) and photography (I've got a linked in, but I keep it private because, people give away far too much information generally online these days!).